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The first paragraph below was written by a party planner in NYC by the name of Chrissann. I found this recently and just had to add this for you to read. It may have some historical truth, but I’m mainly sharing it because I find it entertaining and a great intro to bridal pictures. Read her full article Bridal Portraits Explained here.

“There are a few things that are native to Southern culture that, when taken out of their natural environment, may seem odd to anyone who didn’t grow up drinking sweet tea with dinner every night. Hush puppies, calabash restaurants and Sunday hats surely seem a wee bit peculiar to the uninitiated. With regards to weddings, there’s one uniquely Southern tradition that my friends in New York find, well, weird and vaguely “Toddlers in Tiaras” – ish, and that tradition is the bridal portrait, or “bridals” for short. What’s a bridal? It’s a photo session done before the wedding, where the bride gets done up in full wedding regalia – dress, veil, hair, makeup and even a “practice” bouquet – and has solo photos taken of her in full nuptial glory.”

As you can see, her writing is fun, respectful towards tradition, but still slanted so slightly with opinion. One thing is for sure, no matter the tradition or reason, I love to do bridal portraits. A wedding day is so full of obligation and time restraints that having much time to steal the bride away to creatively document how gorgeous she looks in her “wedding regalia” can be very limited, and sometimes, even impossible. And that’s just a shame. So to be able to have a day dedicated to just creating beautiful bridal pictures is fantastic. I get to be creative, we get experience working together, she gets another day to dress up in her gown and be beautiful, and we both get great photographs.

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